Recreation Ground Upgrade

The play area, MUGA and skate park will be closed from Monday 5th September 2022 to allow a new equipment to be installed, including a new BMX track. The skate park will remain but needs to be closed off during the work. The wider recreation ground will remain open.


Plans - general overview

General changes  

·            New entrance to car park fence

·            New path to connect the Pavilion with the new shelter by the Skate Park

·            Seating

·            New trees.


Skatepark area

•       Climbing - Concrete wall – used as eastern boundary of the MUGA (subject to funding)

•        Bright colours to enhance the space and make it pop up. • Shelter with green roof and seating.

•        Possible Wavy Hedge integrated with ‘fun’ seating.

•        BMX Scooter/ Bike Pump track. (Indicative size) New activity in this area that can work well with the existing or any future Skate Park configuration and adds more interest for different ages. Modifications to Skate Park not in scope of this project.



•        Wavy Hedge all around the playground – new entrance by the proposed shelter

              Shelter with green roof and seating

              Possibility of integration of existing trees in the design (within tree house, and between climbing poles)

•        Loosely defined areas for different age groups containing mounds with slides and tunnels; inground trampolines; carousel; spinner; stepping logs; tree house etc.


Multiuse Games Area (MUGA)

•         Existing MUGA surface retained

•         New low fence on the longitudinal sides

•         Taller fences on both ends possibly integrated with climbing walls (western and eastern boundaries)


Field Area

                Running trail

                Footpath around the perimeter of the site

                Seating along the path

                Trim trail stations



                Upgrade of cricket practice nets

                Proposed location of Cricket Pavilion (construction is outside scope of current project)




  • Two permanent combination football/rugby posts for general community use. 




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