Old Wallingford Way Cemetery

In the late 1990s Sutton Courtenay Parish Council purchase an area of land near the Recreation Ground and created a cemetery for the residents of the parish and neighbouring areas. The cemetery formally opened in 2000.

The site is unconsecrated and therefore individual plots can be blessed. Each burial plot can hold one coffin and up to three sets of cremated remains. There is a dedicated cremated remains section, with each plot holding two sets of cremated remains. The Exclusive Rights of Burial to a plot (valid for 40 years) can be purchased in advance by contacting the Clerk.

There are number of local funeral directors (undertaker) and stonemasons that will support families in making arrangements. The local grave digger is Les Tyler, 07711 153 773. The Clerk can assist with funeral arrangements where relatives choose not to use the services of a funeral director, this is more common when interring cremated remains.

Important documents:
Fees 1st April 2023
Notice of Interment form
Memorial Application form
Policy regarding buying back Exclusive Rights of Burial