20mph zone proposal for the village

Published: 30 November 2023

The County Council are asking for your views on the proposal to introduce a 20mph speed within Sutton Courtenay, replacing the majority of the existing 30mph speed limit in the process.
Sections of existing 30mph speed limit will be retained as ‘buffer’ limits on approaches to the village, i.e. on Abingdon Road, the B4016 Appleford Road, & and Sutton Courtenay Lane, with Officers having taken the current road environment & traffic usage into account, while existing 40mph speed limits on the B4016 Drayton Road & Sutton Road will remain unaffected. The proposals are being put forward following road safety concerns raised by the parish, and form part of a countywide programme of works that seeks to deliver ‘a safer place with a safer pace’ for the residents of Oxfordshire. 
The proposed Traffic Regulation Order was advertised in the Oxfordshire Herald newspaper on Wednesday 22nd November 2023, and details are also available to view on the Councils consultation portal at https://letstalk.oxfordshire.gov.uk/suttoncourtenay_20mph2023
Any objections or other representations on the proposal should be submitted by Friday 15th December 2023.