Maintenance issues at the new Play Area

Published: 29 June 2023

The Parish Council would like to thank all the residents who have reported concerns and incidents at the Recreation Ground play area, MUGA and pump track. 

Whilst there was a need to allow the grass to grow longer following the construction work, there was no intention to leave the grass for this long. The Parish Council previously had a contract for the grass to be cut by a community group. Following the installation of new play equipment, the Parish Council has arranged for the area to be managed by a contractor and unfortunately there had been a delay in setting up the new contract.

Recent visitors would have noticed the mound with the slide has been fenced off over the past fortnight. This was to protect newly laid turf which the play equipment contactor, Kompan Ltd, had agreed to replace as the original turf had not taken over winter. The new turf should have been laid months ago and then without notice the contractors have laid it in appalling conditions. At short notice the Parish Council was kindly helped by Simon from SPG Window Cleaning, who watered the new turf every other day for two weeks. Unfortunately, due to the extreme weather and visitors removing the fencing and playing on the mound, most of the turf has died and some sections have been removed.

The fencing has now been taken away and any loose turf has been disposed of. The Parish Council will continue to monitor the remaining turf. Later in summer the Parish Council will be investigate installing an alternative surface on the main sections which are subject to higher levels of footfall, not only on the mound but near the baby swing and at other key points on the site.

If you do notice any issue at the Recreation Ground then please do contact the Clerk to the Parish Council, via or 07495 123 353.