Assessment work to build a stronger evidence base for the draft policies of the Neighbourhood Plan continues. As part of that, the Steering Group is gathering information about businesses within the parish.

We are keen to understand the view of businesses embedded within the community. Specifically, we want to understand any requirements they may have in continuing to run and grow their business in Sutton Courtenay.

We will shortly be conducting an online survey. If you own or run a business in Sutton Courtenay please complete the survey using the following link We would like to complete the consultation by 19th February.

For further information on the Neighbourhood Plan, email Joanna O'Callaghan at




Vision, Aims and Objectives

Community First Oxfordshire led a community workshop on 2 March 2019 to discuss Sutton Courtenay’s developing Neighbourhood Plan. This Feedback Form was handed out to attendees to obtain their views on the draft Vison, Aims and Objectives that form the basis of the Neighbourhood Plan.

Please do complete this document as your view is important.

When completed please email form to Tom McCulloch of Community First Oxfordshire. Tom has been contracted by the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group to collate all responses: