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Updated 29/5/2018

Annual Meeting of the Parish Council

The annual meeting of the Council took place on 1st May. Cllr. Michael Jenkins has been elected Chairman for the forthcoming year, with Cllr. Christopher Campbell as Vice- Chairman. The Council has representatives on the WRG Landfill site committee, RWE Power Station, and Culham site Committees. It also attends meetings of the Harwell Campus, and MEPC when relevant. If anyone has issues or questions relating to these sites, then please contact the Clerk who can pass on the information to the appropriate person.

Thames Water – Sutton Courtenay sewer update

Thames Water has advised the Parish Council that they are currently completing flow monitoring of the existing foul sewer network in Sutton Courtenay to enable it to update its existing hydraulic model. The process can take several weeks, and is weather dependant as they need reasonable flows in the network to capture the data. Once completed, they will move onto reviewing the findings to allow them to understand what kind of solution is required, and then complete the final design before construction. Thames Water will attend a future meeting of the Parish Council to present their findings, once their studies are complete, and once they have a recommended solution to put forward.

Vale of White Horse District Council - grants

In February 2017, the District Council set aside £200,000 for 2017/18, for awards within capital grants, and New Homes Bonus grant funding. There was a small amount left in the funds as at the end of the financial year. This has gone back into the “pot” to be carried forward. Local organisations are reminded of the existence of small amounts of funding from the Vale of White Horse District Council for projects.

Residents can use Milton Park buses

MEPC, the management company for Milton Park, are making their Milton Park Shuttle Bus (between the Park and Didcot Parkway) available for use by local residents as a cost of £20 per year for an annual bus pass. This will give you unlimited journeys on the shuttle bus. The bus runs on week days between 7 am and 7 pm and to the Orchard Centre at lunchtimes. A full timetable, route map and bus stops can be found on the Milton Park website at

To apply for a bus pass, please with your name, address and phone number or call her on 07494 258550

Village Green

Works to the village green area to improve the car parking space available, by clearing debris and clearing, have been carried out. The intention is now to paint white lines to mark the parking bays. This will be done in due course.

The following planning applications have been considered :

Parish Council Vacancy

Parish Council elections will take place in May 2019, when all 11 seats will be available for election. Currently there are 10 members of the Council, so there is space for one more person. Are you interested in local current affairs? Do you wish to serve your Community? Could you provide a voice for the residents?

Why not give being a councillor a try for a few months until the next elections to learn what the Council does and what its commitments are?

For further information please contact the Clerk to the Council, Linda Martin at or telephone 01865 391833