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Updated 1/12/2017

All Saints Lane – willow trees rear of Church

The Council would advise residents that 2 of the willow trees at the rear of the Church in All saints Lane, are diseased and have died. A tree surgeon will be removing these early December.

School Admissions – Entry to primary or infant school September 2018

If you are a parent or carer of a child 3 or 4 years old then you need to apply for a primary school place now. This is for children born between 1st September 2013 and 31st August 2014. You still have to apply even if your child already attends a nursery attached to the school. For further information and to apply online go to The closing date for applications is 15th January, 2018. If you do not have internet access, then you can access the internet at many of the County Council’s libraries, and children’s centres.

Council budget 2018/19

The Parish Council is holding its budget meeting on12th December to discuss its budget for the next financial year. It will be considering its current monetary position, looking at future expenses, and planning the future financial requirements over the next 12 months. The requirements next year will not only be the usual expenditure costs for the Council, but for the Public Inquiry and representing the parish in regards to the 2 planning appeals. One the budget has been set, the parish council tax figure for next year can be agreed.

Planning Application – appeal sites Hobbyhorse Lane and Harwell Road

The appeals will be heard at a Public Inquiry commencing on Tuesday 23rd January and lasting about a fortnight. At the time of writing, the location of the Inquiry still had to be agreed, but it will be located as close as possible to the community. The Inquiry process is progressing with Statements of Common Ground i.e. statements which contain agreed factual information about the applications. These are being prepared and agreed between the District Council and the applicants. In addition written statements as to what witnesses will say during the Inquiry are being prepared, and will be sent to the Planning Inspectorate the week before Christmas. Sometimes with a lengthy Inquiry, a pre-meeting is required, and we wait to hear if this is the case with the Sutton Courtenay Inquiry. The Council has a planning consultant working for it at the moment, but has decided to engage a barrister should one be required.

Parking – General Problems

The Council, once again, brings parking problems to your attention. Areas of particular concern are close to the school, the High Street and the Village Green. The Council would ask, so that there is improved safety for everyone using the roads and pavements, that the roads are kept free from obstruction so that the traffic can be kept moving. Access to properties has been restricted and event prevented, in the past, owing to inconsiderate parking. Please do not let it be you who is responsible. Roadworks are scheduled for the Appleford Road area whilst pipes are laid to the new Persimmon development. Residents, in the past, have had to wait for ever to get out of their driveways. Please be considerate where you park your vehicle and where you stop your vehicle and allow those leaving driveways to join the queue of traffic.

Dog Fouling

Councils are obliged to keep public areas such as recreation spaces and play area free from dog fouling. In the interests of health and hygiene, the Council would encourage you to please keep away from the recreation ground and open spaces, and use the designated dog walkers path created at the Southern end of the recreation ground.

The following planning applications have been considered :