Published: 10 January 2022

The closure will be carried out in two halves, the northern end of the closure on Milton road, from 31/01/22 – 28/02/22. Then moving to a closure to the southern end on Drayton Road, from 28/02/22 – 21/04/22.

During both sections of the closures, access will be maintained for local residents on the road but there will be no through route on the entire road. Works will be progressing down the road, excavating, laying duct, reinstating and then shifting along the worksite.  At some point along the closure, vehicles will come to a point they cannot go any further and will need to drive around the diversion to get to the other side.

Works will take place on the very top of Milton Road by the junction of Drayton Road from 17/01/22 – 31/01/22, processing down with the use of traffic lights until the full closure comes into play on 31/01/22.