Thames Water - Drainage Proposals

Published: 31 May 2019

Prior to the last meeting of the Parish Council Thames Water gave an update presentation on its latest plans to improve the sewerage system within Sutton Courtenay. There are 2 areas within the village where they are thinking of upsizing the existing pipe. One is in Brook Street, and the other is at the Southern end of the High Street. The proposal is to have a full road closure for approximately 10 weeks in late Summer in Brook Street, and then after those works are complete, to close one traffic lane at the Southern end of the High Street for approximately 8 weeks from the Autumn of 2019. This will allow larger pipes and a parallel storage pipe to be laid. They have discussed with the bus company and others, the likely impact on the area that the road closure and restrictions will have. Various questions were asked of Thames Water, particularly if likely development at the southern end of the village no longer went ahead whether the works at the southern end of the High Street to accommodate additional flows were required. Thames Water undertook to speak with the Vale of White Horse District Council on development plans for housing, to take up the poor reinstatement of Appleford Road area following works at the Persimmon site, to look into low fresh water supply pressure in the village and to decide how best to communicate their planned works to residents, such as drop in exhibitions and newsletters. They realised it was important to minimise the impact for local people. They were hoping to be able to provide another update presentation in July.