Annual Meeting of the Parish Council

Published: 31 May 2019

The annual meeting of the Council took place on 7th May. Cllr. Michael Jenkins has been elected Chairman for the forthcoming year, with Cllr. Jennie Corrigan as Vice-Chairman. The Council has representatives on the WRG Landfill site committee, RWE Power Station, and Culham site Committees. It also attends meetings of the Harwell Campus, and Milton Park as well as meetings of the group that manages the Millennium Common. If anyone has issues or questions relating to these sites, then please contact the Clerk who can pass on the information to the appropriate person.

The Council was pleased to be able to welcome back to the Council, David Butler, who has been co-opted to fill one of the vacancies remaining following the elections. See advert elsewhere for residents to fill the vacancies.