Oxfordshire County Council – Strategic Transport Improvements

Published: 29 March 2019

The County Council’s plans for a package of strategic transport improvements for the Didcot and surrounding area which include the new river crossing, a bypass for Clifton Hampden, the new science bridge and the dualling of the A4130 went out for initial consultation last Autumn. The County Council then submitted a bid to central government for funding, and the Chancellor announced in the Spring budget that funding had been allocated.
The County Council has therefore secured £218m to progress the plans. Sutton Courtenay Parish Council has already expressed concerns at the first consultation stage to ensure that the best route for the river crossing is selected. Now that the funding is secured, the County Council will work on the detailed design for each scheme, and as part of that process, and going through the planning consent stages, they will consulting on each scheme separately. They are commencing by looking at the programme for each scheme and working out when public consultation is required. The Parish Council is keeping a very close eye on matters, and talking with the County Council to ensure that the voice of Sutton Courtenay is heard, as it needs to safeguard Sutton Courtenay from possible additional traffic impact from these planned road improvements.