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X1 Bus Service

Complaints have been received by the Parish Council about the new X1 bus service and the route it takes, as well as the timings of it. The bus after travelling the High Street turns left and through Drayton to Abingdon, and does not follow the route of the former 32 service which turned right and served the Appleford Road and Culham. The Council has invited the Operations Manager from Thames Travel to attend a meeting to explain the company’s thinking and to answer questions.

High Street - HGVs

HGVs have been spotted again in the High Street. There is a 7.5 tonne weight limit and they should not be using this road. Trading Standards at Oxfordshire County Council can take action against offenders where there is evidence. They have recently successfully prosecuted a driver elsewhere who breached a weight limit. Can residents who are aware of HGVs in the weight restriction area e.g. High Street, Milton Road and Harwell Road, please gather information about the vehicles, such as the registration numbers, who they belong (often they have company details on the sides), and make a note of the day, date, time and direction of travel. A photograph too would help provide the evidence needed to report these drivers onto the authorities that can take action.


The Parish Council is planning to check all rural footpaths once the weather is a bit drier, and has earmarked some money from its budget to have the rights of way strimmed and made more easily accessible for the Summer.

Community Led Plan

The Council had received reports that there are hedges and shrubbery overhanging footways making it difficult for pedestrians and those with pushchairs to get through without leaving the path and going onto the muddy verge. As Spring approaches and new growth appears, the problem will only get worse. Would residents please check their front boundaries, and be mindful of those who walk the paths, and trim back the parts of hedges which are overhanging the highway.

Vale of White Horse – Local Plan 2031 – Housing Delivery Update

The Local Plan will shape the future of the Vale. The updated proposals are at a draft stage, and the District Council is inviting comments on the proposals, as there are changes to the Plan published last year. The Plan is available for viewing at or is available at Abingdon library or the District Council’s offices at Abbey House, Abingdon. Local exhibitions and meetings are being held. An exhibition will be held in premises at the precinct, Abingdon on Saturday 22nd March between 10.00 a.m.- 3.00 p.m. See also the District Council’s website for further information.

Planning Applications

The following planning applications have been considered :

P14/V0011/LB - Repairs to boundary wall at the Mill House, Appleford Road. The Council had no objections

P14/V2331/RM - Amendments to reserved matters for 65 dwellings for Redrow Homes in Milton Road. Council had concerns over the drainage of the site, and to ensure adequate protection for trees on the southern boundary, with screening on the western boundary.

P14/V0069/HH - Demolition of existing rear extension, conservatory and outhouses. Erection of new first floor extension, garage conversion and single storey rear and side extension at 30 Chapel Lane. Council had no objections

P14/V0023/HH - Demolition of garage, rear extension and extension to west elevation to provide accommodation at first floor level at 83 Milton Road. Council had no objections

P14/V2491/FUL - Proposed redevelopment to provide new buildings for storage and distribution and ancillary facilities on land west of Didcot Power Station. Although this warehouse proposal had been reduced in size, there had been no significant changes, and the Council continued to maintain its objections.

Date of Next Meeting: Tuesday 4th March, 2014 at 7.30 p.m. in the village hall, Frilsham Street.
Clerk: Mrs. L. Martin 90 Howard Cornish Road, Marcham Tel: 01865 391833 or