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New Council is formed

13 residents keen to be on the Parish Council stood for election, and the new Council came into being on 11th May, with its first meeting being held on 12th May. Your new councillors are: Rita Atkinson, David Butler, Christopher Campbell, Teresa Field, William Hanks, David Hignell, Martin Howell, Michael Jenkins, Heather Knight, Claire Myerson, and Stephen Noys, Details about your new council members appear elsewhere in this issue, and on the Council's noticeboard.

Thanks must go, not only to the councillors who decided not to stand this time, Jason Warwick and Colin Woodward, for their efforts on the Council and on behalf of the community over the last 4 years, but also to the unsuccessful candidates in the election, Karl Gebhart and Ron Mead. The village is fortunate in having people who are prepared to devote much time working voluntarily for the community, and who were willing to serve on the Council.

Didcot A Demolition - Update

The demolition is half way through a 30 month demolition contract. The turbine hall, roof and sides have gone. Asbestos work has nearly been completed. At present, 30,000 tons of steel have been removed. The remaining main building will be cut in two and each half blown down, the first in August and the second in December of this year. The three remaining cooling towers will be taken down next year, however the method of taking these down is still being decided.

At present there are 130 people on site, but this will go down this year to 50.

Abbey Footway

Last month it was reported that the County Council was able to repair only one small section of the Abbey footway, and most of it, they considered to be in an acceptable state and condition. The Parish Council is not happy with this response, as tarmac has been placed on the old cobbled path, and come the Autumn weather, there is a very real chance of the remainder of the path becoming wet, muddy and slippery again as it has on previous occasions. The Parish Council is continuing to pursue the matter. Again, the Parish Council would encourage you, if you have had problems using this path, to contact the County Council either by emailing or telephoning 0845 310 11 11

Culham HydroPower

Concerns have been raised with the Parish Council that trees near the weirs have been felled.

There is a planning consent in existence for the creation of an Archimedean screw hydro power system. This provides for the felling of 17 trees, but also for an arboriculture method statement to be deposited with the District Council, for the protection of retained trees. A landscaping scheme too will be deposited with the District Council for approval. The Parish Council is checking with the District Council that all necessary statements have been supplied to that Council, and that the trees that have been taken out are those with consent to be removed.

Planning Applications

The Parish Council has considered the following planning applications:

Date of Next Meeting: Tuesday 9th June, 2015 at 7.30 p.m. in the village hall, Frilsham Street. Clerk: Mrs. L. Martin 90 Howard Cornish Road, Marcham Tel: 01865 391833 or