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Didcot Garden Town

What is a garden town? It is generally regarded as a settlement where housing, locally accessible jobs and needed facilities such as schools and recreational provision can be created whilst maintaining an open environment and countryside to provide a comfortable way of life. The Government has designated Didcot a Garden Town. There are a number of Government funding streams which should be able to help with implementation of the plan. As far as Sutton Courtenay is concerned, the garden town boundary includes Milton Park, the power station, Sutton Courtenay Lane and the field and school on the southern side of the Bradstocks Way estate, and the landfill site to the north of the power station.

There is no single template for a garden town, so it is important for the local area to put forward its suggestions as to how it sees the proposal affecting Sutton Courtenay and to contribute to the overall approach and strategy for the immediate area and for the benefit of the community.

Information about Didcot Garden Town can be found at The news tab at the top, then the link to the exhibition boards will lead you to the stakeholder engagement that is currently taking place. Online comments on the proposals are invited until 18th December. Draft documentation will then be prepared and it will go out for formal consultation next year.

Council budget 2017/18

The Parish Council is holding its budget meeting on Thursday 8th December to discuss its budget for the next financial year. It will be considering its current monetary position, looking at future expenses, and planning the future financial requirements over the next 12 months. The parish council tax figure for next year can then be set.


As part of the budget setting process, the Council will be considering grants to local organisations. Grant requests are considered usually just once a year. Should there be any worthy and needy organisation which wishes to apply for a grant where Sutton Courtenay residents benefit, then please write to the Clerk immediately, stating the purpose of the grant and supplying a copy of your organisation’s accounts.

FCC landfill site – gas bubbling

The Parish Council is pursuing investigations with the appropriate authorities regarding gas bubbling which has been seen coming through water in the ditch beyond the recreation ground. This is an old area of the landfill site which is no longer monitored by the Environment Agency. The Council’s representatives on the FCC Liaison committee are communicating with FCC regarding the problem.

FCC landfill site – handling of odour complaints

Concerns have been raised by the Council’s representatives on the FCC liaison committee that when there are complaints about odours from the site, then there could be a time delay should just the Environment Agency, who monitors the site, be contacted. The Agency has a central number, and by the time complaints have been passed to the local office, and an officer has had chance to deal with them, the odour may have disappeared, making investigation and/or rectification difficult. To ensure a quick response to any problem, a new telephone number on the landfill site has been established. It is important, as well as reporting to the Environment Agency who records the problems, to contact FCC directly on 012135 844502 or email Messages go direct to the local team. When messaging FCC please leave as many details as possible and your own contact details if you require a response from the relevant person.

Foul Language in recreation ground

The Council has received comments that children, whilst using the play area in the recreation ground, are not able to avoid hearing foul language which is coming from adults in the area participating in and watching football matches at weekends. Hearing a string of expletives is inappropriate and offensive to many. Using obscene and profane language in a street to the annoyance of residents is a criminal offence, so why do it in the public recreation ground? The recreation ground and its facilities are there for all residents, so please be considerate of others when using them.

School Admissions – Entry to primary or infant school September 2017

If you are a parent or carer of a child 3 or 4 years old then you need to apply for a primary school place now. This is for children born between 1st September 2012 and 31st August 2013. You still have to apply even if your child already attends a nursery attached to the school. For further information and to apply online go to The closing date for applications is 15th January, 2017. If you do not have internet access, then you can access the internet at many of the County Council’s libraries, or telephone 01865 815175 for further information

Planning Applications

The following planning applications have been considered :
P16/V2190/FUL Replacement dwelling at 126a High Street. Comments: Council had no objection
P16/V24546/FUL Demolition of existing dwelling and construction of new chalet style dwelling with accommodation at first floor level at 98 Milton Road. Council had no objection in principle, but was concerned about different height of ground levels, and water run off.
P16/V2378/HH Single storey rear extension at 2 The Nursery. Council had no objections
P16/V2472/HH Double storey side extension, new roof dormers and internal alterations at The Glen, 7 Ginge Brook, Council had no objections to the proposed works, but was concerned should access be required along the footpath by The Ginge.
P16/V2508/HH Demolition of garage and porch. Erection of two storey side extension and detached garage at Peewit Barn, Drayton Road. Council requested that windows which overlook neighbouring properties be obscure glass and at high cill heights. The extension should not become the main bedroom of the dwelling.
MW.0127/ Extension to Bridge Farm quarry to extract sand and gravel, with restoration to agriculture, lake and reed beds at Bridge Farm Appleford Road. Council was concerned regarding workings right up to the river and with contamination and leachate into the river. There was loss of existing habitat and a long term management plan would be required.
P16/V0640 – Erection of 354 dwellings and community facilities off Harwell Road (amended plans). Council maintains its earlier objections, and pointed out the requirement of Didcot Garden Town and the keeping of green spaces.
P16/V2306/O Erection of 15 dwellings, and new access at the site of the former Catholic Church . Council objected on grounds of access, location of private drive, impact on the watercourse and protected wild life. The close proximity of the landfill site as far as odours and gas migration had not been taken into account. ,

Date of Next Meeting: Tuesday 6st December, 2016 at 7.15 pm. in the village hall, Frilsham Street. Please check noticeboard outside Burgrey stores in case arrangements change. Clerk: Mrs. L. Martin 90 Howard Cornish Road, Marcham Tel: 01865 391833 or

In addition, the Council will hold its budget meeting on Thursday 8th December, 2016 at 7.30 p.m.

The Council wishes everyone a happy Christmas and new year

Sutton Courtenay Post Office

A wide range of key Post Office products and services are available at Burgreys Stores in the High Street. The opening hours are Mon, Tues, Thurs,Fri 08.00 – 18.00, Wed 08.00 – 17.00, Sat 08.30 – 13.00, and Sun 09.00 -12.00.