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Casual Vacancy

The Council would thank those who made enquiries about the vacancy on the Council, and for their interest in what is happening in the community. The Council is aiming to fill the vacancy by selecting a new member at the March meeting.

HGVs - Trading Standards

At times HGV lorries are still seen passing through the High Street/Milton Road/Harwell Road where there is a weight restriction limit. The Trading Standards section of the County Council has been successful in prosecuting drivers elsewhere in the county where there have been breaches of weight limit. The prosecutions resulted from reports to the County Council by members of the public. It has been suggested that trying to catch some of the offenders in Sutton Courtenay might have an overall effect on reducing the numbers of HGVs in the village. A vehicle in excess of the weight limit can enter the restricted area provided it is on legitimate business within the village, so care has to be exercised to ensure that the right vehicles are reported. If anyone is able to assist by taking photographs, recording vehicle details, registration number and date and time of the offence, then please let the Parish Council know.

Drayton Road - Traffic Calming

The Parish Council, for some time, has been working on trying to achieve measures to reduce the speed of traffic entering the built up area of the village, and is also very much aware of accidents that have taken place along other parts of the Drayton Road. It is currently trying to find funding in the hope that planned projects can proceed, and investigations into other measures undertaken.

Photographic record of issues in the village

In recent weeks there have been various occasions when it would have been useful to take photographs of the problems in the village. The Council would encourage people to take photographs, for the sake of the record, of any flooding in fields, HGVs in breach of weight limits, potholes, street furniture that require repair, traffic issues such as long queues and any other general items where a photographic record would be helpful in the future. This could help in dealing with planning application responses to the District Council, reporting road problems to the County Council and the like. To help with the record a date and preferably time stamp should be on the photograph.

Oxford Flood Relief Scheme

Parish Councillors, together with a representative from Appleford Parish Council met with officers and members from the Vale of White Horse District Council who are dealing with the Environment Agency and their plans for the Oxford Flood Relief Scheme. Confirmation was given that the 2 stage channel will be sited in the flood plain and would work by encouraging water through that area away from the built up areas and main River Thames. Modelling and studies for the project will go as far down the river as Mapledurham and will include the Sutton Courtenay area. The Environment Agency has provided for the District Council to commission an academic review of the Agency’s modelling to provide independent analysis of the proposals. This will be undertaken once the terms of reference and scope of work has been agreed. The results will be shared with Sutton Courtenay Parish Council in due course.

Planning Applications

The following planning applications have been considered :

Date of Next Meeting: Tuesday 1st March 2016 at 7.15 pm. in the village hall, Frilsham Street. Please check noticeboard outside Burgrey stores in case arrangements change. Clerk: Mrs. L. Martin 90 Howard Cornish Road, Marcham Tel: 01865 391833 or