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Possible Speaker at the next Parish Council meeting

Linden Homes are proposing to construct up to 30 houses on land off Milton Road. They have asked for an opportunity to explain their proposals at a meeting of the Parish Council. The next Council meeting will therefore commence at 7.00 p.m. in order to hear what the developer has to say before the formal business of the Council.


The County Council is responsible for the rural rights of way that run through the parish, for signposting them and ensuring that they are free from obstructions. The landowner, however is responsible for stiles and gates that are on the paths, and for cutting back encroaching vegetation that is growing from their land. Parish Councillors and village volunteers are walking the rural footpaths to check the state and condition of them, and producing a schedule of work that is required. The Council would ask anyone who abuts footpaths to ensure that excessive vegetation is cut back. This also applies to the tarmac footways in the village, where it can be difficult for pedestrians to walk in safety where there is obstructing hedge growth.


Comments have been received by the Parish Council regarding the maintenance of the verges in the village and how untidy and uneven they can appear. The problem time seems to have been during May and early June when grass was growing at its fastest, and long grass being compressed as the mowers goes over it. The Council acts as agents for the County Council in cutting the verges, and will soon be obtaining quotations for verge cutting for the next season. It will carefully look at the cutting schedule and costings before reaching a decision on how best to keep the verges maintained next year.

A417 - Challow Rail Bridge

A temporary Order has been made to close the A417 by Challow rail bridge from 6th September for 3 months. This is to allow Network Rail to replace the bridge as part of its Project for electrification of the rail line.


Concerns have been raised on many occasions in the past regarding HGVs that come through the village in breach of the weight restriction limit. The matter has been raised with the Police and the response received from Inspector Money says: “I have spoken to PC Keith Morton and PCSO Sandra Syphas from the local team who are aware that the weight limit has caused some consternation since its introduction and like many environmental weight restrictions throughout the county it has not been possible to enforce the restrictions as often as we and communities would like. Recent years across the county have seen the introduction of ‘Lorry Watch’ where the Parish Council passes details to Oxfordshire County Council Trading Standards of offending lorries and Trading Standards take the necessary action. I am aware that PC Morton is in Liaison with Trading Standards to arrange a joint operation which will fit in with his other duties. I’m sure he can discuss Lorry Watch with you if you are unaware of the scheme?

One of the problems we face in terms of enforcement is the need to follow a vehicle through and out of the restricted area to ensure a driver cannot claim one of the allowed/permitted access rights. This can be very time consuming but results in a non endorseable Fixed Penalty fine of £50. We do have some support from the TVP Roads Policing Department but again they need to juggle their other demands with this work as well. I am aware that there is alternative enforcement available using some form of technology to solve this problem which may have a future but I am not sure there are suitable systems available and it would be for Oxfordshire County Council to administer/action at considerable cost. ‘ROADflow’ is one such system you may wish to raise with the County Council but this may be cost prohibitive?

With regard to the Oxfordshire County Council Trading Standards situation my understanding is that they do not have individual officers doing road traffic work on a full time. There is a lead officer for the work (who PC Morton is in discussion with to make progress) and they have a rota for checking the many weight restrictions which they enforce. Hopefully they will agree to discuss some form of joint working and PC Morton is in negotiation with them (and our Roads Policing Department) about this.”

War Memorial Renovation

Plans for the cleaning, restoring and recutting the lettering on the war memorial are progressing, quotations for the work are being obtained and a grant application prepared for the War Memorial Trust. A contract for the the work can be awarded once the funding is in place.

Planning Applications

The following planning applications have been considered :

P14/V1354 First floor extension and single storey rear extension at 4 The Nursery. The Council had no objections.

P14/V1718/HH Erection of single storey side extension to double garage at Riverview House, Appleford Road. The Council had no objections to this application.

P14/V1272/LB Amendment to P13/V0950/LB Demolition of outbuilding and construction of conservatory at Buckridges, High Street. The Council had no objections to the building proposals.

New Planning Application for Warehouse, Sutton Courtenay Lane

A revised planning application for warehousing off Sutton Courtenay Lane has been lodged with the Vale of White Horse District Council. The Parish Council will be carefully looking at this to see how the proposals have changed since the last application was refused by the District Council.

Date of Next Meeting: Tuesday 2nd September, 2014 at 7.00 pm. in the village hall, Frilsham Street. Please check noticeboard outside Burgrey stores in case arrangements change.
Clerk: Mrs. L. Martin 90 Howard Cornish Road, Marcham Tel: 01865 391833 or